FIRST Innovators Robotics Strategic Scouting System

FIRES Resolution Checker

This webpage checks the device's screen resolution to ensure it will work for scouting.

Results of this test are at the bottom of this page.


This webpage quickly will determine the device's width and height in a usable pixel count, and then will alert you of the results. For scouting tablets, we recommend a resolution of at least 1280x800, but we also support resolutions as low as 1024x768. We also recommend a physical size of at least 8" (diagonal), but the physical size is not limited by anything other than if you can actually target well on it. We also recommend using Google Chrome as the web browser of choice, as it supports all functionality needed. The latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge, and Safari are supported, but not recommended. If you have any issues while using Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge, or Safari, please try Google Chrome before reporting any issues to us. Any device with a resolution less that 1024x768 will not be able to use the Scout ability of the application, but still can Pit Scout with ease. All devices used with FIRES for anything other than Pit Scouting must be used in landscape mode, as it will make the entire experience much more enjoyable. Please take note that the resolution may not report what is expected. This is could be caused by multiple reasons:

  • Most commonly, you will see that the height is a little smaller than what the manufacturer reported. This is fine, as the tool cannot account for the system's reserved space for the notification bar.
  • If both the width and height report smaller than what the manufacturer reported, then this means that the manufacturer has limited the number of usable pixels, and upscales the webpage to the higher resolution for a sharp image. This is most common with Apple iPads with Retina Resolution.
  • If the width or height reports higher than what was expected, you most likely had the wrong number, as this tool will be 100% accurate if you are using any of the standard web browsers (IE 5.5+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+).

The Test Results: